Mom has been more open to adventure lately now that we’re doing Mom & Daughter Chronicles. Her new brave face quickly went away when I suggested we do this axe throwing class with my Dad for Father’s Day. She didn’t have much choice after Dad agreed to do it. So I hopped on Hand-Picked Atlanta, and booked a 90-minute axe throwing class with Axe Throwing Atlanta.

You guys know I love Hand-Picked Atlanta from the folks at Scoutmob. These folks are the reason I try so many new things in and around Atlanta. While trying to make Father’s Day plans, I saw the deal for Be a Bad-Axe: Lucky Axe Throwing Atlanta for One or Two. I reached out to Dad first to make sure he wanted to try it, and surprisingly, he was down for it. Next, I reached out to Mom and she was like, “Ummm, no thanks.” I told her that Dad was already on board so she reluctantly agreed to participate.

If you’ve never heard of axe throwing, watch this video from Axe Throwing Atlanta
to check it out!

Axe Throwing Atlanta

What to Expect

First of all, be sure to wear close-toed shoes. Yes, I would still have my toes if I had worn flip flops, but it is a requirement to participate. When you walk up the stairs to get to Axe Throwing Atlanta, you’ll check in at the desk. I personally signed our waiver online, but if you forget, you can sign the waiver in person.

On the day we went, we were greeted by Derrick, our axe master for the day. He gave us the training for our 90-minute axe throwing session. They go over 5 rules that you should know before you start. These included things like:

  • Put the axe back in the holder instead of handing them to one another
  • Stay behind the fence when you’re not one of the throwers
  • Do not pass the red line when there’s active throwing

One of the last things he demonstrated was how to properly hold the axe and throw it. It’s interesting, because I thought I’d be wielding it with one hand, but you actually use both hands, hold the axe over your head and throw with your arms at a 90 degree angle.

Axe Throwing Time!

So of course it was time to throw the axe and we had several failed attempts. I really thought it would be easier at first. How hard could it be right? I also came into it thinking it might be dangerous, but I always felt safe and in control of what I was doing with the axe. There were 3 different axes to choose from.
  1. The small axe- it was obviously smaller than the others and lightweight. The head of the axe was also smaller and the cheek was shorter. This was my least favorite axe.
  2. The middle child axe- the mid-sized axe was a little heavier than the small axe, but still very lightweight. It had a longer cheek, the toe and heel of the bit had a curve to it, and the head was narrow. I prefer this axe, it made me feel like a gangster.
  3. The big boy heavy axe- the heaviest axe had the thickest cheek and shortest bit. I only used this axe in the first 30-minutes. It was heavy, so as the session went on, I wanted something lighter.

Hitting the Nail on the Head

My Dad was the first to hit the target and stick the landing. We didn’t capture it on camera, but we were screaming so much in excitement! One of the things we learned during this adventure was that the target boards have to be replaced several times a week.

To prepare the new board before axe throwing, they wet the wood and add a few chops to splice up the wood a bit. We learned that if this isn’t done enough, you can hit that target all you want, but the axe doesn’t stick.

We mastered the art of throwing an axe pretty early on and soon we were all hitting the target left and right. The atmosphere is very fun, they have 2 sides, and each has 2 separate targets. We happened to be in there alone for about 45 minutes, so we were singing and cheering pretty loud. Oh yes, singing, because there was music playing the entire time. It turns out that Axe Throwing Atlanta even has a trap music night every week! Axe throwing is very repetitive so it’s a great thing Axe Throwing Atlanta introduced us to a game.

The Blackjack of Axe Throwing

The game that Derrick introduced us to was not specifically named, but the goal of the game was simple, the first to 21 wins. I affectionately will refer to the game as The Blackjack of Axe Throwing, because you couldn’t go over 21, and if you were at risk of going over, you kept the points you had leading up to the final throw that sent you over. On the target itself, there were point values assigned to different circles.

  • The outermost circle of the target had a point value of 1 and the values increased by 1 point as you got closer to the bulls-eye
  • The small blue circles within the outer most circle had a value of 10 points
  • The bulls-eye had a value of 6 points

My Dad thought he had beat the system by focusing mostly on trying to hit the blue dot. That did not work in his favor when it counted. Mom struggled the entire game for some reason because she’s clearly not a closer. I won! I’m only telling this story because I won, lol.


We were trying so hard to capture one another finally hitting the target. When we hit, it was a celebration!

I got too excited with my dance, because I almost forgot not to pass the red line. You’ll see my Dad’s axe flying past me in the background. Safety first folks!


My Mom really didn’t want to try axe throwing, because she thought it seemed dangerous. After the first few throws she was hooked!

She was so happy I captured this moment, and kept trying to get a picture of it. She was denied, because we all kept taking pictures next to our axe. Talk about overkill.

Would We Go Axe Throwing Again?

Hell yes, we would go axe throwing again! The atmosphere at Axe Throwing Atlanta is super fun. They play music the entire time, and I’m talking about good music! The instructor keeps you and your group focused, and knew exactly when to introduce the game. I would also say that 90-minutes is more than enough time for a group of 3. In fact, we were ready to leave after like 70 minutes. Not out of boredom, but because we had so much fun and was ready to go eat.

Axe throwing is becoming more and more popular. My husband tried it in Toronto during his bachelor party weekend. According to this Forbes article, rumor has it that axe throwing establishments started in the US in Toronto. The misconception is that it’s a dangerous activity, but we always felt safe and in control of the axe.

Axe Throwing Atlanta Review

Axe Throwing Atlanta had boasted that they have never had an injury before, and I believe them. I think people really get hurt when they don’t follow the rules.

One thing I wish we had known prior to going was that Axe Throwing Atlanta allows you to BYOB. Had I known, we would have brought a bottle of wine or some liquor and shot glasses. Since I will certainly go again, I’ll be sure to bring a bottle the next time around! Axe Throwing Atlanta is located at 306 Auburn Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30303.

If any of you go, please tell us about your experience!

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