As you all know, Mother’s Day is around the corner. Yes, it’s Sunday, May 12, so get those last minute gifts if you think your Mom wants one. Now that I’m a mother, I want something really sweet and sentimental from my kid, some money from my husband, and to be taken to do something fun rather than just going to the usual dinner that everyone does for Moms during Mother’s Day.

For Father’s Day, my husband and I have been taking the Dads to do stuff. One year we went to Top Golf and one year we went to The Painted Pin both in Atlanta. So this year we decided that Mother’s Day would be all about experiences (and gifts, too). My husband suggested taking all the Moms to do a glassblowing class, which I agreed to because I’ve done it before.

Glass Blowing Class

If you’re ever looking to try a fun experience for a girl’s day out or a day date activity, I’d highly recommend taking a glass blowing class. It’s one of those fun things you can do like a pottery making class or one of those sip and paint classes where you go with people, you get to do something fun and creative, and afterward, you take home a souvenir that you’ve created yourself. So the day before Mother’s Day, my husband and I are taking our Moms to do a glassblowing class in Decatur.

Back in the day, I remember my parents taking me to pottery classes where we’d make little statues and things that we’d paint, bake, and take home. It was so fun and relaxing. Mom has never done anything like glass blowing before, though. I’ve actually done the class at Decatur Glassblowing back in 2016 before I had my child. If you’ve never been glass blowing, I’ll tell you what to expect and why it’s a good experience to try for mother’s day or a birthday.

What to Expect

Every glass blowing class has a theme of things they will create that particular day. When I went with my husband the 2 options were to create a paperweight or a wine bottle stopper. Naturally, I made the wine bottle stopper! First, they explained what glass blowing is all about, then they showed us the materials and tools we’d be using, and then they walked everyone through each step of the process. For safety, you need to wear protective glasses (mine made me look like John Lennon, lol), have on close-toed shoes, and at certain points, you needed to wear gloves.

Tools used during the process of shaping your hot glass

We picked colors that we wanted to use and the option of what we were going to design, and then everyone in the class worked with an instructor to do each step. Along the way, each step is demonstrated by one of the instructors first, and then one-by-one we each completed that step on our own design.

So for this upcoming glass blowing class, the theme is flowers which are perfect for Mother’s Day! Since my Mom has never done anything like this, I’m excited to see how she likes it. At the end of the class, you have to leave your product for a few days so it can cool. Apparently, hot glass can stay that way for several days. We left ours for like a week and then went to pick up the final product. We still have them. I can’t wait to see how hard it is to make a flower, because it’s a lot of steps, and a lot of shaping just to make the 2 simple things I’ve made before.

If you want to try the glass blowing class in Decatur then check out their website. Decatur Glassblowing is located at 250 Freeman Street, Decatur, Georgia 30030.

It’s Always a Good Option if Wine is Included

For actual Mother’s Day, I decided to use the wonderful powers of Hand-Picked Atlanta, by the wonderful folks from ScoutMob, to find an experience that Mom and I could enjoy together to celebrate being Moms. If you live in Atlanta and you’ve never heard of Hand-Picked Atlanta, then let me share some greatness with you. Hand-Picked Atlanta is an experience curation site/app that finds cool events, restaurants, and local businesses to highlight and offers you discounts to try them.

Hand-Picked Atlanta Has the Best Curated Experiences

My bestie and 2 other closest friends in front of the Yonah Mountain vineyard

One of the experiences that I found is a wine cave tour for 2 at Yonah Mountain Vineyards in Cleveland, GA (North Georgia). Yes, I said a wine tasting tour in Georgia, and yes, there are caves. I actually used this same Hand-Picked Atlanta opportunity last year with my girls so I was surprised to see the deal still available. I bought 1 for my Mom and me for $55 (regular value of $80). My Dad decided he wanted to come with us (he’s tired of being left out), so I called and added him to the reservation. He’ll still be on toddler duty since my baby will be with us too, but he’ll have fun hanging with us.

How Does Hand-Picked Atlanta Work?

So this is how it works. I went to the Hand-Picked app and paid for the wine experience, then called the vineyard to book our tour. They ask for the ScoutMob code so they can mark off that purchase, and we were all set. The drive from Atlanta is about an hour and 20 minutes and since we booked the Sunday tour, the only option of time is 1:30p. Saturdays have a bunch of tour options if that day of the week that works best for you.

What Do They Do During The Tour?

Me with my souvenir glass

In my experience the last time, we got a souvenir glass (which comes with your Hand-Picked purchase), they take you to different parts of the winery and at each stop, they pour you a generous sampling of various wines. We stopped in the distillery room, the cave where they keep the wine barrels, we walked to different parts of the facility, and talked about the history of the wine, the grapes, history of winemaking, and about the vineyard. One of the things I remembered and was so excited about was that the owner talked about how people from Napa Valley will go there all snooty and think the wine can’t compare to anything they have out West, but Georgia actually has award-winning wines! I found this cool article from Explore Georgia that talks all about how great this winery is.

If you want to check out Yonah Mountain Vineyards with your Mom or bestie like I did last year, then buy the Sip & Repeat: Yonah Mountain Vineyards’ Wine Cave Tasting & Tour for Two through Hand-Picked Atlanta which will save you $25. You can visit Yonah Mountain Vineyards, they’re located at 1717 Highway 255 S, Cleveland, GA 30528.

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