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You’re Missing Out if You Haven’t Tried Glassblowing

Mom and I love a good unique experience, so it’s no wonder we spent Mother’s Day at a glassblowing class in Decatur. We know we could have made dinner reservations, gone to a spa, or the movies, but we wanted to do something different this year. Nothing screams Mother’s Day more than fire, glass, and flowers. Don’t agree, I’ll explain…

Natural Hair Journey

Although we took the scenic route through Jheri Curl town, Just For Me Relaxer-Ville, and Wave Nouveau City, we ended our hair journey with natural hair. It was never even a thought to just be natural until 2013. Prior to that we were doing everything under the sun to our hair. Let us take you on a little trip down black hair memory lane … Read More Natural Hair Journey


Two Experiences to Give Mom for Mother’s Day

As you all know, Mother’s Day is around the corner. Yes, it’s Sunday, May 12, so get those last minute gifts if you think your Mom wants one. Now that I’m a mother, I want something really sweet and sentimental from my kid, some money from my husband, and to be taken to do something fun rather than just going to the usual dinner … Read More Two Experiences to Give Mom for Mother’s Day

Must Try: Indoor Skydiving with iFly is Exhilarating!

I recently wrote a post about how Mom is coming out of her comfort zone and starting to be more adventurous. After our Colorado trip, I realized she was down for a little adventure and excitement so I started inviting her to try new things with me. One thing I had always wanted to try was indoor skydiving. I have no desire to jump … Read More Must Try: Indoor Skydiving with iFly is Exhilarating!


Family Trip to Fussa, Japan

Mom was Ready to Fly So a little history about our family. Mom has a son (yes, my brother) who is in the Air Force. He and his family had been living in the San Antonio, Texas for a few years, but then in 2014, they moved to Fussa, Japan. Every year prior to that move, we spent Christmas or Thanksgiving together in either … Read More Family Trip to Fussa, Japan


Girls Trip to the United Arab Emirates

Mom isn’t much of a traveler, so when she told me she was thinking of going on a girl’s trip to Dubai, I was surprised! She wanted to go on a girl’s trip for a few reasons. As she puts it…