I recently wrote a post about how Mom is coming out of her comfort zone and starting to be more adventurous. After our Colorado trip, I realized she was down for a little adventure and excitement so I started inviting her to try new things with me. One thing I had always wanted to try was indoor skydiving. I have no desire to jump out of a plane, hell, I barely like flying as it is, but I did want to see how it felt to fly.

The date was somewhere in July 2017 and I remember it like it was yesterday. My sister-in-law was flying my niece to Atlanta to stay with us for about a month so we wanted to do something fun with them both while sis was in town. There are so many fun things to do in Atlanta, and now even near us in Vinings/Smyrna, but at the time there was no Battery or Atlanta Braves stadium in our neighborhood, so fun normally had to happen in Midtown.

iFly Atlanta Officially Opened

However, in November of 2016, Atlanta got its first iFly indoor skydiving facility that they plopped right in the middle of Vinings! I mentioned that as an option and surprisingly, Mom was down for the event. I booked our “flights” and we were all set for this new experience.

Yes, we’re pretending to be flying for the picture, lol!

If you’ve never been to iFly Atlanta or any other iFly location, this is how it works. You register online by booking a flight. Then you choose the type of flyer you are, at the time we were first-time flyers and we went as a group of 4. They have rates that cover an individual or up to a group of 5 for that experience. We selected the Ultimate Experience package which included 4 flights per person, gear rental, training, an instructor in the tube with you, they take you up to the top, and you get a cool video of your experience!

We got to iFly, signed our waivers, and went to training. Training basically goes over the basics of what iFly is, how it’s going to look, and how to be safe in the wind tunnel. One of the main takeaways is that they use hand signals to tell you what to do while you’re in there because you won’t be able to hear them. It could be dangerous for both you and the instructor if you don’t follow directions and your body isn’t positioned properly.

Ready to Fly!

We passed training, so the next step was to put on our gear. You wear a helmet, goggles, and a wind suit. You also need to have on sneakers, because any shoe that isn’t tied will fly off! They escort you and all the other flyers to the wind tunnel seating area, but first, they ask who wants to go first. Mom volunteered which meant our group would be the first group to go, and Mom was the first flyer! I went after her, then my niece and then my sister-in-law.

Before I share the videos of Mom and me flying, I wanted to explain to you how it felt being in there. The wind is very powerful. Basically, you step up to the platform with your arms up and they tell you to fall forward in there. You position your body like you’re Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible when he was hanging from the ceiling. Ok, not exactly like Tom did, but you’ll see what I mean shortly.


The wind is strong so your hair will fly about uncontrollably, you lips will flap everywhere, and the saliva…oh how they didn’t warn you that saliva will just be dried to your face afterwards, lol! The instructor is in there with you making sure you don’t fly all the way to the top, and they help make sure you don’t smack against the glass. You’re in a room with the wind tunnel in the center, you are not in your own private facility so people will be watching. If you pay for the video then they’ll make sure they get good footage of you and that you have time to face the camera and smile (or cry).

How’d We Do? Take a Look!

Mom’s turn
My turn!

How Did We Feel After Trying iFly?

Honestly, we were all on a high! None of us had ever done anything like that before. If you want a small taste of true adventure, but are afraid of water, wild animals, and heights, then I would highly recommend trying out an iFly facility if there’s one in your area. We have them all over the United States in major cities, but if they don’t have an iFly, perhaps there are other companies that do the same thing. I know I did a quick Google search and found an article from Best Products that shared a bunch of other cities/states that have companies that offer indoor skydiving and most of them aren’t iFly.

We all said we’d do that again, but none of us have decided to go skydiving in real life! We’re not that damn adventurous. If you live in Georgia and want to try iFly, it’s located at 2778 Cobb Parkway, SE, Atlanta, GA 30339.

Have you ever tried indoor skydiving or real skydiving before? Share your experience in the comments!

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