I remember when we first moved to Marietta, GA off of Austell Rd. We were excited to have fun shopping stores like Kohl’s, TJMaxx, Burlington Coat Factory (I know, cringe, but coming from Beaufort, SC, that was an upgrade), and Marshalls nearby. Unfortunately, Marshalls was always laid out in a way that didn’t make me want to shop there, and the buyer for our area really wasn’t the best. So at an early age, every time Mom wanted to shop at Marshalls I’d either not go with her, or go and complain until we left. Now I feel so stupid. Let me explain…

So here we are, it’s 2019, I’ve been shopping all over town in every TJMaxx and Target I pass by, and up until April 17th, I specifically avoided Marshalls each of those times. UNTIL…My Mom convinced me to take a detour before walking into my favorite local TJMaxx to try Marshalls because she’s been loving their commercials lately. Have you seen them?

Anyway, we went in Marshalls on Cobb Parkway in Smyrna and admittedly, I was extremely surprised. We didn’t have a lot of time to shop, but we did find 2 cute things as you can see above. So my Mom invited me to another Marshalls location in Town Center out in Kennesaw. We were on a Marshalls high from the last visit and went in with elevated expectations and they did not disappoint!

Marshalls Cobb Parkway

If you never shopped in Marshalls before, one thing I noticed when I got into the dressing room is that they really cater to women and our need for good lighting an how tough it can be to make a decision on what we want to buy so the hangers inside the dressing room have phrases like “definitely,””maybe,””I’ll think about it,””Maybe tomorrow.”

Of course, we had to do a full fashion show for one another because we really have to get ready for our upcoming photo shoot on May 5. Here are all the things we found starting with Mom.

Mom’s Marshalls Haul

Steve Madden

She found this cool Steve Madden tote that would normally cost $68, but Marshalls had it for $34.99!! That’s 50% off people!!!!

Derek Heart

Mom found this cute Derek Heart dress that she plans to wear in our upcoming photo shoot as well is so cute on her!! She paid $14.99 for it, but it’s normally $19.99. Not as dramatic of savings, but that’s still 25% off!

Abel the Label

This flowing dress by Abel the Label is so cute for the spring/summer here in Atlanta. This dress cost Mom $24.99 at Marshalls, but it is normally $42! That’s 40% off!

Latesha’s Marshalls Haul

Caution to the Wind

This cute Caution to the Wind jumper was the perfect work outfit for my trip to Phoenix since I knew I would be going straight from the airport to the office. Nothing worse than travel in a suit. This little number cost me $16.99, but it is normally $22. I saved 23% which is a weird number, but it’s savings.

Rolla Coaster

This soft and very comfy Rolla Coaster jumper is what I would have rather worn on the plane! It’s the perfect travel outfit, but I ended up wearing it while I was out in Phoenix. This was the same situation where I paid $16.99 for something that would have normally cost $22. I’m always down for saving $5 a pop.

Flying Tomato

My Mom sprang it on me that she wanted me to go with her to a salsa dancing lesson for my cousin’s birthday. I clearly needed an outfit for such a development, so I went with this look by Flying Tomato. I paid $19.99, but it would normally cost $25. I’m always down to save that 25% on clothes!

Steve Madden

Look, we had no idea that everything we were finding was from Steve Madden, but boy were we excited to buy it for the discount! This awesome bag will be in the photo shoot that we have coming up. It cost me $34.99, but it’s normally $98!

At the end of the day, I am now a Marshall’s fan. I will never overlook them when I see them on my way to TJMaxx, and I imagine I’ll be enjoying more of these great finds. If you’ve never shopped in one, or you were like me, disappointed in the buyer for your area, just try another location, because you could be missing out on some great things. And with that, we’re going to end this post with a preview of how we felt walking up out of Marshalls.

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