Mom and I love a good unique experience, so it’s no wonder we spent Mother’s Day at a glassblowing class in Decatur. We know we could have made dinner reservations, gone to a spa, or the movies, but we wanted to do something different this year. Nothing screams Mother’s Day more than fire, glass, and flowers. Don’t agree, I’ll explain…

Not Your Typical Mother’s Day Experience

Leading up to Mother’s Day I wrote a blog post where I talked about the 2 activities we planned to do to celebrate. One of them was doing a wine cave tour and the other was glassblowing. Our wine cave tour got rained out, but nothing could stop us from going to the glassblowing class with my husband, his Mom, and his former coworker.

As I mentioned in the Mother’s Day blog post, every year for Father’s Day and now Mother’s Day, we try to find something fun to do with the parents. The activities for the Dads have been easy. Top Golf here, Painted Pin there, they love it. When it comes to Moms there’s always this expectation to go to dinner, pamper Mom at the spa, take her shopping…While these are all appropriate and great for Mom, we think Mom deserves to have a little fun too!

That’s why I jumped at the opportunity to take Mom to a glassblowing class at Decatur Glassblowing. First of all, I had already been glassblowing a few years ago so I could attest to how cool the class would be. Also, this particular Mother’s Day weekend theme was making flowers from the glass. How cool is that?

How Does Glassblowing Work?

When we got to the class the first thing the instructor did was go over safety protocols and equipment. For safety, you need to wear protective glasses, have on close-toed shoes, and keep your hands within the safe areas. Every glass blowing class has a theme of things they will create that particular day. For our class, the theme of the day was flowers.

Before it was everyone’s turn to create their flowers, the instructor demonstrated everything we were going to be doing. She explained the 7 steps we’d be taking in order to make our glass flowers:

7 Steps to Create a Glass Flower

1. Choose a Color

You select the glass color beads you want to use (I chose a sunset color and Mom chose yellow).

2. Get Liquid Glass

You go to the first oven and get your liquid glass. You have to remember to rotate your rod the entire time, because liquid glass moves fast until cool air really hits it.

3. Melt Color to Glass

You go to the second oven and melt your newly selected color into the glass. These ovens are extremely hot so stand back!

4. Shape Your Creation

This process happens a few times, because you have to shape a little at a time. Glass cools quickly, so the instructor lets you shape a little and then she’ll take the glass back to the oven to heat it up again.

5. Separate Your Creation

Once you have the perfect shape (in this case, a flower), you have to break the glass off the rod with a tiny bat.

6. Torch Your Creation

You have to use the torch to make the edge of the glass smooth so nobody gets cut when they touch it.

7. Admire and Store

You wouldn’t know it by looking at it, but this glass is still EXTREMELY hot, so it can only be handled with gloves. They store the glass flowers in an oven for 2 days so that the glass gradually cools over time.

Decatur Glassblowing

I’d been glassblowing before, but never at Decatur Glassblowing before. I will never go anywhere else. The instructors were amazing, the facility was clean and spacious, and the had a lot of cool things you can make. They also have an entire shop where you can buy some of their creations which obviously looks better than anything we made. The theme of the class changes every time, so you may not have an opportunity to make a flower, but you can always make something else.

One of the reasons I thought this was something good to add to the list of “things to do with Mom” is because it’s a nice little spin on the typical paint and sip, pottery making, paint the naked person, arts and craft event that you can do with your Mom. It’s a little exciting, because hello flame torch! It’s also artsy and cute, hence the flower you get to make. Plus a little dangerous and educational. It’s something fun you can experience with your Mom, and you get a nice souvenir to take home and always have as a reminder of the experience you two shared together.

If you’re looking for something cool to do with your Mom, I suggest you try taking a glassblowing class. Decatur Glassblowing is located at 250 Freeman Street, Decatur, Georgia 30030.

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