How Have We Missed Out on Marshalls For So Long

I remember when we first moved to Marietta, GA off of Austell Rd. We were excited to have fun shopping stores like Kohl’s, TJMaxx, Burlington Coat Factory (I know, cringe, but coming from Beaufort, SC, that was an upgrade), and Marshalls nearby. Unfortunately, Marshalls was always laid out in a way that didn’t make me want to shop there, and the buyer for our area really wasn’t the best. So at an early age, every time Mom wanted to shop at Marshalls I’d either not go with her, or go and complain until we left. Now I feel so stupid. Let me explain…

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Top 5 Things I’m Doing on My 1st Visit to Phoenix

I have to go to Phoenix for work this week, so naturally, I’m going to use this as an opportunity to explore this glorious city that I’ve never been to before. I spent a lot of time searching through sites like Trip Advisor, Thrillist, Visit Phoenix, and TimeOut to get some recommendations of “must see” things to do in Phoenix. Below is the list that I came up with of places I plan to go to see the sights, and places I plan to go to eat.

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8 Tips Nobody Tells You Before You Visit Japan

Before we visited Japan back in 2015, I had very little knowledge of the country besides what you generally hear. They have the cool city Tokyo, they have interesting fashion, the food is delicious, get ramen, sip sake, visit temples, be peaceful…that’s all I knew.

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Top 3 Georgia Wedding Destinations That Aren’t in Atlanta

Before I started planning my wedding or even before I got engaged, I always thought I’d have a beach wedding. Of course I met a guy from Georgia who has a big family, and he wanted that entire family to attend the wedding. That meant we needed to keep the celebration close to home, which meant bye bye beach wedding. Dream number 2 had been to have a rooftop wedding, but prices were high to have a rooftop wedding in Downtown Atlanta, and I naively thought we’d stick to a $20,000 wedding budget. This meant I had to search for Georgia wedding destinations outside of Atlanta.

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Family Trip to Fussa, Japan

Mom was Ready to Fly

So a little history about our family. Mom has a son (yes, my brother) who is in the Air Force. He and his family had been living in the San Antonio, Texas for a few years, but then in 2014, they moved to Fussa, Japan. Every year prior to that move, we spent Christmas or Thanksgiving together in either Atlanta, GA or San Antonio, TX. Mom, Dad and I considered going to Japan the first year they moved, but not only was it an expensive trip, but Mom also hated flying. Mom and I had never even really been out of the country, especially not to Asia up until that point. Dad, being an ex-Marine, was used to flying all over the world.

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Girls Trip to the United Arab Emirates

Mom isn’t much of a traveler, so when she told me she was thinking of going on a girl’s trip to Dubai, I was surprised! She wanted to go on a girl’s trip for a few reasons. As she puts it…

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